A High Wind in Jamaica Title Song.

We are on a quest to get the high wind in jamaica theme song to be released!.

The singer of this song, Mike LeRoy, is all behind resinging this great theme tune, and we are going to petition 20th century fox to allow him to do this and release it!.

Please Comment if you love this theme song, and your support will show how much people want to have this song in their song collection.

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  • Richard White

    Hi, love this song!, please resing it and release it!!!!! You have my support!!.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XCUXYE6WGNXJF5DGLVVZDHYZPM Gavin

    Love this song too!!! please release it!!!

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  • Maureen

    Please please please release it, its a great song. Please mike resing it!! My support is here too!

  • Jane Breeal

    Remembered this great film from the 60’s and thought how wonderful the theme song is, and how well sung it was too, please can you resing and release it!!!!!! I would love to listen to this whenever i want!!!.

  • Maggie Tribe

    Hi,found this post via twitter from bracknellcs?,i love this song! needs more i think. As others have said,please release it!!! i would buy it 10 times over if it helped?

  • Georgie8483

    Release it!!!! You have my support!!

  • Nicola Herbert

    i would buy it too!please release this beautiful song!

  • Mark Mulkins

    Such a beautiful song should not be kept hidden!.Release it and my whole family will buy it,they love this theme song so much

  • Keith Ross

    What a great song and singer, definately worth a re- release !!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XCUXYE6WGNXJF5DGLVVZDHYZPM Gavin

      most definatly!! release it please!

  • Jocelyn Shields83

    Would love this song completed and my ipod for when i go running! release release release.

  • Lesley Rudd

    Aww lovely song, please get it released

  • Larry Judd

    Wow,i loved this song back in the 60’s i was only 6 when i first heard it,but would love to have it on cd to listen to in car and at home!!!. Release!

  • Mroemmich

    Great song by a great artist…..

  • Omid sonnari

    Brilliant song,love to buy it and keep it!

  • Adam Price

    WOW!,first time ive heard this song and its great.Worth the download if it ever came out in my opinion!

  • Ivor Terrel

    I support you in this quest,love the film,love the theme even more,its a crime it wasnt released before!

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Just saw on twitter about campaign to release this song, do it please! i know of lots of people who would love to own this song!

  • Judith Chalk

    Please release it! Its the most emotional and best song ive ever heard!

  • Amy Farnsworth

    Fallen in love with this song,why didnt they release it?? please do it now!

  • Donna Walker

    Loved the film when i was a kid,and always loved the theme tune,and now can we get it? release please!

  • Julie Cachino

    Great song,brilliant singer,love it, release it!

  • Julie Cachino

    Great song,brilliant singer,love it, release it!

  • David Barrett

    Saw this on youtube today!,love this song!it needs to be released!!! i will buy it for sure

  • Carla Jackson


  • Phil Jackson

    Wow, this song is great, was brought to my attention by a nice english man called gavin in our hotel in prague!. I will definatly spread the word now im back in the states!

  • Dave Milman

    My family and i love this film,and it is espeicially memorable because of the great theme tune!.Please release as a single before christmas,i know a few people who love this song and would buy it in a instant

  • Richard Hughes

    Oh my god,found the theme tune finally! please release it so i can listen all day in my car!!

  • Mp Carson

    I have been trying to track this song down for years. A beautiful song, very atmospheric, i hope that common sense will prevail and we will be able to listen to this song,vinyl would be nice as well, as soon as possible.

  • Al

    please release it, please please please

  • Jan + Barry

    Loved the theme tune, it will be a travesty if this song is not re-released-can’t wait to buy the cd

  • Paul

    Its the first time I have heard it but I think it is very good, I think re-releasing it is a fantastic idea.

  • Reidycarol

    One of my favorite movies and my favorite movie ballad.

  • Nicholas Rhodes

    Hello, like my friend Carol Reidy in the United States, I have loved this song for many years and have “lived” with a makeshift recording of the title theme ( interrupted by the waves crashing on the rocks) which I have of course listened to hundreds of times. I especially loved the lyrics of the song and I seem to remember Mike telling me that it was Larry Adler who wrote them, but I may be wrong on this. Obviously, if Mike were to re-record and re-issue the song on a CD using today’s recording techniques, I’d be out to buy it like a shot. Objectively, though, the song is so beautiful that if it were released, all sorts of people who’d never heard of it before, would be sure to fall under its charm. Good luck with the re-release.
    Nicholas Rhodes Paris FRANCE

  • Kirrary

    A haunting title song for an extraordinary movie which goes much deeper under the surface than most! I love both

    • Nick Parkinson

      how very true, and we all love both!. It really does need to be released i think

  • Clinton

    A classic song, beautifuly sung, I must buy this movie on ebay right now!

  • Maureen

    Saw this film when it first came out and fell in love with the theme song. In all those years I’ve only seen it on TV twice. I’m so glad to have come across this website. Yes, please allow Mike LeRoy to release the song for a new generation to enjoy!

  • Fay

    My favour film of all time I remember watching it as child and loved every minute of it and I still love it now. This film is a classic and the opening song is very very beautiful. No questions about it the song should be released. I have been searching for a long time to try and buy the soundtrack for the film, but not realising it has never been released.

  • Paul rawes

    A beautiful and plaintive song!

  • Porthos

     Bonsoir, je viens juste de découvrir ce film de Mckendrick qui vient de resortir à Paris. La rencontre a tout simplement été extraordinaire. Je l’ai revu 3 fois dans la même semaine. La chanson titre n’est pas sous-titrée en français, mais j’ai réussi avec mon pauvre anglais à en comprendre les paroles, au bout de la 3e vision. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous pour demander la sortie de cette chanson en disque !

  • Karen

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Every time I watch the film I wonder about this song so I’m really pleased to find the singer and this site. I played Laura in the film so of course it’s even more special to me!

  • Bryan

    Mike Le Roys opening theme song to this film is certainly right up here with the very best of all opening ballads in 20th Century cinema  – The soundtrack to this classic film [and of course the film itself ] should be re-released in all available formats without delay. Mike should also be allowed to re-record and re-sing this song – Amongst countless others all over the world.. we truly love quality soundtrack recordings and classic films such as this…  We fail to understand why this one is still being keeping it under lock and key.

  • guest

    Yes, I concur.  Please release Mike singing this song.  It is haunting and moving.  It would undoubtedly sell DVDs of the movie for which it was made.

  • Yogamotion

    I too have always loved this song and film since i was a little boy.I remember watching it on tv in the early 1970’s,and i learned to play it on the guitar.Its been with me ever since.Its a beautiful melody and vocal.Over the years ive hoped they’d release the film soundtrack with this song on,but so far it hasnt happend.Please rectify this asap!!!

  • Sweetcollegekid

    beautiful song redo it please

  • Tom

    Always loved the movie and it’s theme. I was looking for the theme on Google and found this site. Great song,and singer, and it should be released.

  • Karen

    This has always been one of my favorite theme songs. It was perfect for the movie. I hope it does get released soon.

  • Brad

    I was 11 years old when I saw the movie, and I loved the song.

  • carolriso

    When I finally found this song on youtube, I had tears in my eyes.  I’ve carried the melody and some of the lyrics in my head for 47 years, and never thought I’d ever hear it again.  Lovely and haunting, it’s simply sublime.

    • Mikeleroy

      What a great comment carol   –   thanks
      Mike Leroy 

  • Tom Gelsthorpe

    Simply echoing many of the comments below — a poignant song, perfect for the intro and conclusion of this excellent movie.  Although fate is untidy, the movie tidily shows how love can find a man, rearrange his priorities, yet lead to unexpected sorrows anyway.  Like Carol, the song stayed in my head after seeing the movie once all those years ago.  I’m happy to see that Mike’s life has worked out better than Zac & Chavez and there are people still around who remember Mike well.

    • http://mikeleroy.com mikeleroy

      Thanks Tom for your kind words

      Yep – I’m still around and still singing
      But High Wind was special to me.


  • maureen

    i absolutly fecking love this song, love it, by the way your voice is as soothing as matt monro

  • BH

    the king of cool 

  • GG

    Depply affecting song and beautifully sung. would love to have it in my collection to enjoy endlessly.

  • Proftjm

    Wistful, melancholy, and as stated before haunting.  Please release both the vocal and instrumental version from the soundtrack!  I have searched for the soundtrack for a very long time.  Why this has never been released is a mystery to me.  Here’s hoping it will be soon.

  • Mike Melvin

    I’ve loved this song since i first saw the movie in ’65 at age 13. Mike, I wish you the best of luck in this endeavour, but, since Larry Adler is the composer and the song doesn’t seem fully realized for a single, it deosn’t look good for a release. Your rendition of it is impeeccable, though, and we will never forget it.

    My best suggestion for everybody is to transfer the audio to music editing software and slice out the orchestration part. There seems to be a pause just long enough for the song to be discretely edited from the rest. Thank you so much Mike!

    Mike Melvin

  • D’arcy

    absolutely beautiful song and the instrumental throughout the film was just so tender and liquid – HOPEFULLY, somebody will see that this will be more than well received if it were released – especially sung by an incredible singer. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with still trying to promote a possible single.

  • Jane Wilson

    Just watched the movie for the umpteenth time. Love the song!